आयुष्यात मला भावलेलं एक गुज सांगतो. उपजिविकेसाठी आवश्यक असणाऱ्या विषयाचं शिक्षण जरुर घ्या. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग जिद्दीनं करा, पण एवढ्यावरच थांबू नका. साहित्य, चित्र, संगीत, नाट्य, शिल्प, खेळ ह्यांतल्या एखाद्या तरी कलेशी मैत्री जमवा. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग तुम्हाला जगवील, पण कलेशी जमलेली मैत्री तुम्ही का जगायचं हे सांगून जाईल.
- पु. ल.
पु.लं.चे पत्रलेखन
सलील घोष (पु.लं.च्या हस्ताक्षरात)
मुक्ता राजाध्यक्ष
... I was foning you for the last half hour to congratulate you on my behalf and on be/2 of my better/2 also, but no connexion yaar. So I said margo goli to this telephone and write letter. Fuss clas in M.A. is no joke yaar. I never got it. To tell you privately, all bundle professors yaar, except your Bhai who is reponsible for my great English. And I must not forget my Joshi master also your next door neighbour-for my mastery upon English. He taught us pure English with the help of Mr. MacMurdy and Virkar's English into Marathi Dictionary. Pure English like pur desi Ghee, you know. So, fuss congratulation from the bottom of my heart. Many people must have congratulated you from their bottoms also. Offcourse I know that I cannot write high English like you, radha and Niranjan also. High english has always been a big stone in my way. (Big stone means 'dhond'. Not capital 'D'. Capital D-wallah Dhond is your neighbour. Give my regards to him. For further details about dhond-not capital-kindly refer to your Bhai, who is correcting my English composition books increased his spectacles- number. Only joke yaar and not true.) So I am dufraoing my letter in my own English. Excuse me for the mistakes, if there are any.

... अपूर्ण ('पु. ल. एक साठवण')

अभिप्राय लिहा अभिप्राय वाचा